Coliving In Singapore

The gnômadic experience is a mix of personal growth and community connection. We provide our Residents with spacious and gorgeous sanctuaries which allow them to unwind and recharge. We carefully curate a Community of inspirational individuals and design unique events which help them to bond and grow together.

Our Values in Action

Spacious & Gorgeous Homes

gnômadic provides Residents with a beautiful sanctuary within the heart of the city. We are thoughtful in the selection of our properties and the design and aesthetics of our homes. Our spacious homes offer a variety of inviting communal spaces and tranquil outdoor areas, making your home the relaxing space that it's meant to be.

Inspirational Community

A central aspect of the gnômadic experience is our Community.  We are seeking individuals who share core traits such as empathy, congeniality and generosity. We strive to build a community of individuals possessing diverse backgrounds, experiences and aspirations - these factors help us to curate an inspirational community.

Meaningful Programming

Our goal at gnômadic is to develop programming which helps the members of our diverse and inspirational Community to expand their horizons. We are focused more on providing Residents with opportunities to learn and bond while being of service to both our planet and to the societies in which we live.

Preserving Our Planet

At gnômadic we are very passionate about environmental preservation and we work hard to perpetuate our sustainable values amongst our Community. Actions range from directly supporting organizations focused on the environment to educating our Residents on best conservational practices.

Lifestyle Programme

15 December 2020
Children's Wishing Well Christmas Donation Drive

Children’s Wishing Well provides a range of services for the youth in Singapore from disadvantaged backgrounds. They support children's educational & daily living needs, & equip them with skills for their future. gnômadic is supporting this cause and we are seeking donations of Popular Bookstore & Bata Shoe Store vouchers in $10 denominations that will help to offset the cost of assessment books & shoes for the children. Email by 15 December if you would like to donate.

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11 December 2020
gnômadic Social
1880, Publico & Wolfgang's

Join us for the Christmas edition of our gnômadic Social Series where we invite the community to come together for an evening of food and conversation. This year we will be hosting 3 tables at 3 different locations - 1880, Publico and Wolfgangs. We hope to see you there!

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15 - 22 November 2020
Beauty with a Heart Virtual Charity Run

Go further with your next run when you sign up for the Beauty with a Heart Virtual Charity Run. Giving back to society is a huge part of our identity at gnômadic, and this initiative will raise money for the Metta Welfare Association who play a pivotal role in serving welfare centres and beneficiaries in the Disability, Medical, Children and Special Education Care sectors. For more information visit:

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gnômadic develops spacious and gorgeous Homes in Singapore’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.

Inspiration and Purpose

November 2020
gnômadic’s guide to an active, off-the-beaten-path Singapoliday weekendgnômadic’s guide to an active, off-the-beaten-path Singapoliday weekendgnômadic’s guide to an active, off-the-beaten-path Singapoliday weekend

The lion city, the little red dot, the garden city — gnômadic’s home base has many names and for good reason. Singapore is a multi-faceted, vibrant city but there’s so much more to it than award-winning restaurants and bars, larger than life skyscrapers, and its reputation as one of the easiest places to do business.

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October 2020
Luxury co-living in SingaporeLuxury co-living in SingaporeLuxury co-living in Singapore

When it comes to creating a beautiful home interior, Joana Schiff knows what to do. As the interior designer at luxury co-living company gnômadic, she knows how to work a scatter cushion. She’s a master at arranging a pot plant. She can sniff out a stunning Balinese sideboard at twenty paces. Joana cleverly turns every co-living property she touches into the ultimate Singapore sanctuary.

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October 2020
Tips to look after your Mental Health & WellbeingTips to look after your Mental Health & WellbeingTips to look after your Mental Health & Wellbeing

When was the last time you took some time to ask a friend or family member if they were doing okay? When was the last time you asked yourself that question?

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To celebrate each new Resident, gnômadic makes a donation in their name to the Rainforest Trust, a charity that protects the world’s rainforests.