Coliving In Singapore

The gnômadic experience is a mix of personal growth and community connection. We provide our Residents with spacious and gorgeous sanctuaries which allow them to unwind and recharge. We carefully curate a Community of inspirational individuals and design unique events which help them to bond and grow together.

Our Values in Action

Spacious & Gorgeous Homes

gnômadic provides Residents with a beautiful sanctuary within the heart of the city. We are thoughtful in the selection of our properties and the design and aesthetics of our homes. Our spacious homes offer a variety of inviting communal spaces and tranquil outdoor areas, making your home the relaxing space that it's meant to be.

Inspirational Community

A central aspect of the gnômadic experience is our Community.  We are seeking individuals who share core traits such as empathy, congeniality and generosity. We strive to build a community of individuals possessing diverse backgrounds, experiences and aspirations - these factors help us to curate an inspirational community living in Singapore.

Meaningful Programming

Our goal at gnômadic is to develop programming which helps the members of our diverse and inspirational Community to expand their horizons. We are focused more on providing Residents with opportunities to learn and bond while being of service to both our planet and to the societies in which we live.

Preserving Our Planet

At gnômadic we are very passionate about environmental preservation and we work hard to perpetuate our sustainable values amongst our Community. Actions range from directly supporting organizations focused on the environment to educating our Residents on best conservational practices.

Lifestyle Programme

8 APRIL 2020
Children's Wishing Well FRESH
10 MARCH 2021
The Datai Langkawi Digital Experience
22 & 24 FEBRUARY 2021
Festive Reunion Dinner

gnômadic develops spacious and gorgeous Homes in Singapore’s most sought-after neighbourhoods.

Inspiration and Purpose

September 2021
Expat Community Events in SingaporeExpat Community Events in SingaporeExpat Community Events in Singapore
September 2021
Everything you Need to Know about Coliving in SingaporeEverything you Need to Know about Coliving in SingaporeEverything you Need to Know about Coliving in Singapore
August 2021
Things you can only do in SingaporeThings you can only do in SingaporeThings you can only do in Singapore

To celebrate each new Resident, gnômadic makes a donation in their name to the Rainforest Trust, a charity that protects the world’s rainforests.