22 & 24 FEBRUARY 2021

Festive Reunion Dinner

Meadow & Sky

The glow of Chinatown’s scarlet lights welcomes Chinese New Year, a festive period many Singaporeans hold close to their hearts. It’s a time of glowing lanterns, fresh Mandarins, sumptuous feasts and much-needed reunion with family and friends. Starting on the first day of the year on the Chinese lunar calendar, the period lasts two weeks with the fifteenth day being the Lantern Festival. The holiday is deeply rooted in traditions millennia-old and is celebrated all around the world. Singapore is no different with the colourful festivities enjoyed by locals and expats alike.

We recognise the significance of community at gnômadic and being in good company that not only supports you, but takes you closer towards your hopes and dreams. To prepare our community for the best experience this year, we are hosting two celebrations as we welcome a Lunar New Year of joy and prosperity.

We look forward to welcoming you for some Yu Sheng and an evening of festivities.

Numbers at each home will be limited according to safe distancing guidelines.