New Restaurants in Singapore to Watch Out For in 2021

With phase three kicking in since 28 December 2020, many of us are hopeful for a more promising year in 2021. The good news is that we can now head out in bigger groups to explore and experience all the new restaurants in town. From Gastro-Botanica to Sri Lankan coastal flavours, there’s something for everyone to enjoy — whether it’s a girl’s night out or a special date night. Read on, as we roundup our new favourite dining spots in Singapore for 2021.

Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar

With two acclaimed restaurants under his belt (namely; Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House and Blue Label Pizza & Wine), chef Travis Masiero is all set to launch his newest project with Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar. The restaurant will offer perfectly balanced margaritas accompanied by flavoursome wood-roasted meats and vegetables, molcajete-made salsas and their special corn tortillas promised to be made from scratch using heirloom corn from Mexico.

Be sure to expect a menu showcasing sharing dishes and familiar favourites alongside ‘Nixtamalized’ signature twists and a bar fully stocked with the most amazing collection of mezcals and tequilas. Nixta’s dining room takes inspiration from one of Mexico’s greatest architects — the late Luis Barragán, whose use of colour choice makes its way through the restaurant’s interiors. Nixta also makes a great reference to the vintage ‘casitas’ of Mexico’s past with the use of beautiful naturally salvaged teak beams.

The restaurant officially opens its doors this weekend — Saturday, 16th January 2021. If you happen to make a reservation in time, you can look forward to indulging in Mexican culture and cooking at its finest.

Nixta Mexican Grill & Bar – 116 Amoy Street, Singapore 069936


Restaurant Euphoria

Head over to Tras street to discover ‘Gastro-Botanica’ and ‘Gastro-Botanica 2.0’ — two unique cuisines created by celebrated chef Jason Tan. Introduced at Restaurant Euphoria, Gastro-Botanica 2.0 is chef Jason’s elevated adaptation of his original cuisine.

His new innovative cuisine showcases carefully sourced vegetables and meats while highlighting botanical elements like spices, vegetables, and fruits. Chef Jason also introduces his variation of meatless sauces made from botanical reductions and extractions that moves away from the traditional sauces expected from French haute cuisine.

In keeping with the botanical theme, the restaurant features a lush, modern in-door garden with gold brass furnishings and green plants emerging from the ceiling. Taking centre stage in the restaurant is the intriguing chandelier artfully installed as an ode to chef Jason’s favourite vegetable — onion. Be prepared to shed tears of joy as you indulge in its six ($208) or eight course ($258) dinner menu.

Restaurant Euphoria – 76 Tras Street, Singapore 079015



Tucked away in the heart of Little India, comes chef Rishi Naleendra’s third eatery (first two being Cloudstreet and Cheek Bistro) and Singapore’s first full-service Sri Lankan restaurant — Kotuwa. Named after the Sri Lankan capital’s central business district, the restaurant pays homage to the chef’s Sri Lankan heritage serving authentic traditional dishes.

Be sure to enjoy culinary signatures such as Crab Curry (market price), Sri Lankan mud crab cooked in cumin, fenugreek, chilli and coconut; Chicken Kottu ($22), chopped godhamba rotis are served with chicken, vegetables and gravy; Isso Devil ($35), stir-fried prawns with ginger, green chilies and tomatoes; and hoppers ($4), rice and coconut pancakes. There are also tons of veggie delights that include stir fry beetroot ($16) and butter squash prepared in rich blackened coconut gravy ($16).

Serving alongside this delicious food is the restaurant’s bold Sri Lankan themed cocktails such as Princess of Galle ($20), an interesting blend of vodka, lemongrass, curry leaves, ginger beer, and turmeric; and Queen of Jaffna ($20), a tequila-based drink with a fusion of green chili, tamarind, Cointreau and citrus.

Kotuwa – Wanderlust Hotel, 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494



Miznon is Asia’s first outpost of chef Eval Shani’s famed Israeli eatery offering a fresh take on Israeli street food. Since its founding, the international fine casual restaurant chain has expanded to places like New York City, Paris, Vienna, Melbourne and finally made its way to Singapore’s lively culinary scene.

The casual 42-seater along Stanley Street offers the fluffiest pitas flown in all the way from Israel, making it all the more exciting for Singaporeans who want a fresh taste of local Israeli food. The scrumptious flatbreads make for an excellent base to tuck in whatever you choose to stuff them with.

The roasted whole baby cauliflower ($16) steals the show at Miznon and is a hero dish you don’t want to miss out on — its popularity makes the item sell out fast so be sure to order them quick! Apart from their regular meat and veggie offerings, they also do an unlimited supply of pillowy pitas and fragrant tahini to go with your meal, allowing you to munch on these at no extra cost!

Miznon – #01-01, 6 Stanley Street, Singapore 068725


Neon Pigeon 2.0

This well-loved izakaya might have made headlines during its closure at Keong Saik last year, but it’s made its way back with a revamped 2.0 version at a new location in Carpenter street. With a new address comes a larger, sleeker space portraying the addictive buzz of Tokyo’s hidden alleys. Inspired by a mash up of New York meets London meets Tokyo, the EDG design team behind the restaurant’s interiors made sure that Neon Pigeon’s gritty urban aesthetic make it one of the best Japanese style standing bars to see and be seen at in the city. With new murals and dim lighting, it continues to relive its grungy glam charm.

The new menu features fresh new additions with some hot favourites from the past such as the Tokyo Hummus ($10) with blended edamame and curry chips and The Tamagoyaki Omelette ($12/22), an egg roll with dashi emulsion, topped with ikura and some crispy salmon skin. They also a have swish new raw bar that serves small seasonal plates that include slurpy Kumamoto Oysters ($16), Seabream Sashimi ($22) coated with yuzu oil and many more. The food is best enjoyed with a drink or two from their cocktail bar so be sure to try some of their funky twists on classic Japanese spirits or play it safe and order a classic tipple.

Neon Pigeon 2.0 – #01-01, 36 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059915



Located at Club street, Picanhas’ is a new halal steakhouse specialising in Picanha steak — a cut of beef that comes from the rump cap muscle. The Picanha steak is a favourite in Brazil and they’re often bent in a horseshoe shape, skewered and cooked over an open fire at the churrasccarias.

Picanhas’ is a must visit if you are looking for delicious, affordable steaks to sink your teeth into. Their signature dishes include the Queen of Steaks ($21) and Picanha Don ($16). The former offers tender slices of steak coated with brown charcoal butter while the latter presents a plate of butterfly pea rice with a perfectly seared piece of steak. While you are there, you can also try some of their creative mocktails such as Kyoho Sangria with hints of lychee, honey, cinnamon and non-alcoholic vino or Lemongrass with refreshing flavors of coconut water, kiwi and lemongrass.

Picanhas - 90 Club Street, Singapore 069458


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